Community Hub

Welcome to our Community Hub, the beating heart of Beyond by Perch. Here, we empower administrators with a suite of tools to seamlessly oversee memberships, track visitor interactions, manage space utilisation, streamline stock requests, handle virtual office services, and archive historical data. Dive into our Community Hub to discover how we enhance collaboration, organisation, and efficiency within your coworking ecosystem.

Community Hub

Welcome to our Community Hub, the core of your coworking environment.

Here, administrators access tools for memberships, visitor tracking, space utilisation, stock requests, virtual office services, and historical data archiving. Explore detailed know-how videos for a comprehensive guide to maximising our coworking management solution.

The Tenants section is the central hub within Beyond by Perch. It empowers administrators with comprehensive tools to efficiently oversee and manage memberships. This ensures a smooth and organised experience for both coworking space administrators and their members. 

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The Visitors section is designed to display non-membership required visitors, such as day pass and meeting room bookers. You can add visitors manually or automatically reflect online bookings. This feature simplifies daily forecasting and makes managing non-member visits easily.

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For those who prefer a calendar view, the Check In/Out section provides a visual representation of the forecast. This calendar version allows administrators to track and manage space utilisation efficiently.

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The Stock Request feature is built to manage stocks and purchases in large-scale coworking spaces with various locations and departments. This tool streamlines stock management, making it easy to track requests and purchases.

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Beyond by Perch offers an in-house virtual office management solution through its Mail section. This feature is dedicated to handling virtual office-related tasks, particularly mail management.

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The Archived section is where old member information is kept for reporting purposes. You can easily retrieve historical data, and the information is downloadable in formats such as PDF, CSV, or Excel.

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