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Key Features

Unlock the Future of Workspace Management

Elevate your workspace with Beyond WMS — the all-in-one solution that redefines how you manage, operate, and thrive in your workspace environment.

Inventory Management

Optimise your coworking space booking platform with ease. Track meeting rooms, private offices, and coworking areas seamlessly in one place, empowering you to own the day.

With our intuitive booking calendar, managing all your bookings becomes a breeze. Simplify your workspace management and enhance productivity with our comprehensive platform. Experience the convenience of streamlined bookings and take control of your coworking space with confidence.

meeting room icon

Meeting Room

4 Arrivals
private office

Private Office

7 Arrivals
hot desk

Coworking Area

2 Available


37 In house


25 Active


18 Day passes

Community Hub

Beyond by Perch offers a comprehensive suite of white-label features that empower you to craft a seamless brand experience. From customisable domains to flexible copy and adaptable logos, you have complete control to align every element with your unique brand identity.

This level of customisation ensures that your members consistently engage with your platform in a way that feels authentic and in line with your brand ethos. And if you ever need to make adjustments or refinements, you can effortlessly manage them right here, ensuring your platform remains a true reflection of your evolving vision

Boost Sales & Collaborate

Discover and book coworking spaces effortlessly, maximising sales potential and productivity. Seamlessly connect with a vibrant community of professionals, revolutionising your work environment.

Experience hassle-free transactions and flexible payment options on our innovative platform. Elevate your business with the ultimate coworking space booking solution.

Perch coworking space management software


18 Requests
Perch coworking space


9 Deals
Beyond workspace management software


12 Brokers
İnvoice icon


14 Pending
Quote management in Perch coworking space management software


9 Deals
Beyond workspace management


13 in total

Optimise finances

Efficiently manage your coworking space finances with our comprehensive accounting section. Generate professional invoices, track quotes, manage deposits, and easily handle petty cash transactions.

Streamline your financial processes and gain complete control over your coworking space's financial operations. Simplify accounting tasks and ensure accurate financial management with our powerful coworking space management software.

Powerful marketing solutions

Attract new members and retain existing ones through targeted marketing campaigns.

Our email marketing integrations help you reach your audience effectively and drive workspace growth.

Event management for coworking space


3 Upcoming
Coworking space management software

Email Marketing

958 Subscribers
Community management in coworking space


1458 Members
Broker management for coworking spaces


4 Campaigns
Brokers for coworking space


16 Active brokers
Clients for coworking space


9 Tenants Total

Efficient operations empowered

Optimise your coworking space operations with our comprehensive management software. Effortlessly manage partners and brokers, streamlining collaboration and maximising opportunities.

Gain complete visibility and control over your operations, enhancing efficiency and productivity. Simplify complex workflows and empower seamless communication within your coworking space ecosystem. Revolutionise your operations with our innovative management solution.

Simplify manage analyse

Streamline HR processes, file management, and transactional reporting with Beyond coworking space management software. Simplify employee onboarding, time tracking, and payroll management to enhance operational efficiency.

Seamlessly organise and access files with advanced document management features. Generate comprehensive transactional reports for better financial insights and decision-making. Elevate your coworking space management with our all-in-one solution.

HR management for coworking space


12 Team members
File management in coworking space


14 Files uploaded
transactional reports for coworking space


£1245 Revenue
Live chat for coworking spaces

Live messaging

50 Unread
community management in workspace


78 Active chat
Community in perch coworking


154 Members

Instant collaboration connected

Enhance member communication and collaboration with our live messaging feature in our coworking space management software. Foster real-time interaction, facilitate seamless information sharing and strengthen community engagement.

Empower members to connect, network, and exchange ideas effortlessly. Unlock the power of instant communication and build thriving coworking communities.


Integrations & Add-ons

A comprehensive list of integrations and add-ons, along with a growing list of bots, makes setup and use easy.

From payment methods to analytics extensions, access control solutions and more, Beyond gives you the right tools to make your business more efficient, profitable and secure.

Ready to Elevate Your Workspace?

Join the future of workspace management with Beyond WMS. Experience the difference today and witness how our powerful tools can transform your workspace into a thriving community.