Setup inventory to start using Beyond WMS

Within the inventory section, workspace operators can list all the available spaces in their coworking facility, such as meeting rooms, private offices, coworking areas, and event spaces. Each inventory item is accompanied by essential details, including size, capacity, amenities, and any specific features.

One of the key functionalities of the inventory section is the ability to set availability. Workspace operators can define the dates and times when each space is accessible for booking. This feature ensures that tenants and clients can easily see which spaces are open for use and make reservations accordingly.

Adding Inventory

Click on “Add Building” Button

  • Log in to the workspace management software with appropriate administrative credentials.
  • Navigate to the main dashboard or the section where you manage buildings and workspaces.
  • Look for the “Add Building” button and click on it to initiate the process of adding a new building.

Coworking Area

Watch the video for a detailed guide on creating a coworking area using Beyond WMS, including entering building details, adding the seat plan, setting up day pass and membership plans with their respective prices, utilising the location mapping feature, and saving the inventory to the system.

Meeting Room

To create a meeting room, simply provide the room’s name, capacity, price, upload a photo, and select amenities. Beyond WMS will then generate the meeting room, complete with a live inventory, ready for bookings.


When setting up an office space, just input the office name, capacity, upload a photo, and select any amenities. Beyond WMS will create the office space, ready to be assigned to clients when contracts are issued, eliminating the need to set a price during setup.

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