Beyond WMS's Dashboard offers an intuitive interface, addressing key aspects of coworking space management.

This centralised hub empowers you to make informed decisions and efficiently run your coworking space.



This centralised hub empowers you to make informed decisions and efficiently run your coworking space.

The Tenants widget provides a quick and efficient way to oversee the members of your coworking space. As soon as you log in, this section presents a snapshot of the current occupancy. You can easily view and manage your members at a glance, allowing you to keep track of the community dynamics and occupancy levels in real-time.

This widget gives you instant visibility into the financial health of your coworking space. It provides a clear overview of the number of outstanding invoices that are either awaiting payment or need to be sent. This allows you to stay on top of your revenue streams, ensuring timely payments and a streamlined financial process.

The Visitors on Site Widget is designed to show the foot traffic in your coworking space on the current day. It specifically focuses on day pass users and those who have booked meeting rooms after they have checked in. This real-time information helps you manage space utilisation effectively and ensures a smooth experience for both regular members and transient visitors.

Beyond’s integrated lead-capturing form streamlines the process of gathering potential new members. The Leads section in the dashboard gives you insights into how many new leads have been submitted. This functionality empowers you to nurture these prospects and convert them into full-fledged members, contributing to the growth of your coworking community.

The Revenue widget provides a summarized view of the generated revenue. It acts as a quick reference point to understand the financial performance of your coworking space. By clicking on this section, you can access detailed reporting, allowing you to delve deeper into the sources of revenue, track trends, and make informed decisions for your business.

The Memberships widget summarise the details for managing membership limits and usage. It displays the current membership limit and usage statistics, enabling you to monitor the availability of memberships. When the need arises to expand membership credits, a convenient “Request More” button will be available. This seamless process ensures that you can adapt to the growing demand within your coworking space effortlessly.

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